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There are two common pest species of Wasp in the UK; the Common Wasp, and the German Wasp.


Queens over-winter in tree bark, or in buildings and emerge in spring to create their nests. The Queen will construct a small nest from wood pulp, and raise a few workers. These workers will go on to continue constructing the Wasp Nest, and care for the next batch of wasps that emerge. By September, generally, the nest is at the height of its' size an capacity - with up to or in excess of 10,000 workers. in Autumn, the Queen mates, and then leaves the nest to hibernate until next spring. The rest of the colony will die after the Queen has left.


This is the time that most people are stung, or Wasps become a major problem. With no Queen, no pheromones, and no purpose, they are likely to sting people for no apparent reason.


Once the Wasp nest has expired, it will not be re-used the following year. But we can remove these if† required.


Nests can be located in the ground, in old rabbit or rat burrows for example, they can also be found in trees & bushes, sheds, under the eaves of houses, in lofts, outbuildings, even in boxes in the garage!


Attempting to tackle a Wasp or Hornet nest yourself can be a dangerous task. It is always advisable to call on the services of a professional pest control company to exterminate the wasp nest for you.


P W Needham Pest Control can deal with any Wasp / Hornet and bee nest for you, at a very reasonable price. We offer a same day service and emergency call out at no extra cost.

Wasps - Hornets & Bees

 Same day service

 £40 fixed price (plus £15 additional nests)

 All of east Kent covered (small charge for areas outside of Canterbury district)

 Fully trained technicians

 All worked guaranteed

 Times to suit you


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